Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lush Hauling

Todays post is going be a big one, I have gone above and beyond with Lush purchases and as I love the brand so dearly I thought it was only fitting I share the products with you. 

To start things off I will talk about the 'Happy Hippy' Shower Gel. I've spoken about this in a previous post but it definitely deserves another mention. The scent on this alone is phenomenal; citrus scented and very refreshing. It's very nourishing and soothing on the body and I love using it as my go-to shower gel. The 'Popcorn' Lip Scrub is great for a general exfoliation, or for when you need that extra scrub before applying a lip product of sorts. It has a delicious scent and taste that leaves my lips feeling silky smooth! Moving on to the 'Honey Trap' Lip Balm, I think it's safe to say that this product has transformed my thoughts on what a good lip balm is and should be. It has a perfect consistency of being creamy yet not too heavy on the lips. It works perfectly in the morning, day-to-day touch ups or as a nourishment in the evening. Underneath lipgloss or lipstick it is perfect, giving a really nice finish to the lips. The way it is produced is much more natural, although I think package-wise it's slightly too thin and sometimes frustrating to open! In terms of the product itself; fantastic.

For Bath Bombs the ones I have tried, tested and loved are: Dragon's Egg/ Sex Bomb/ Twilight/ Luxury Lush Pudding/ Father Christmas/ Christmas Eve (Bath Crumble). Let us all first acknowledge the fantastic aromas that all of these bath bombs emit. They make a bath much more enjoyable and fun, with all of the fizzing multi-colours swirling around the bath. I found that all of these products were very moisturising for the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. They give a relaxed feel to the body with fantastic properties such as lavender and Shea butter. I have been thoroughly impressed with all of the bath bombs I have used so far, so it is a big thumbs up for me!

The 'Rehab' Shampoo is a product perfect for a nice thorough clean of the hair. It has scents that remind me of a lot of products from Aesop which I love. It lathers up really well and keeps the oil in my roots at bay for a good few days which is a definite plus. To condition the hair well I like to use the 'American Cream' Hair Conditioner. It nourishes the hair just the right amount which I love. It isn't too heavy on the ends of the hair which is perfect as if you like to add a bit more moisture into your roots it would not weigh the hair down. In terms of a good exfoliate of the body, the 'Rub Rub Rub' Shower Scrub is one I have been using for quite a few months now and still continue to enjoy using. The smell at first is quite peculiar, yet when applied to the body it transforms into this wonderful smell that's almost edible! The scrub has really fine grains that help to exfoliate the skin yet nourish at the same time. I was actually surprised and how moisturising to the skin this product is; using it alone is enough for exfoliation and moisturising. I highly recommend this one.Last but not least we have the 'Daddy-O' Shampoo, a product designed for those who colour their hair colours of the rainbow or blondes, but works just as well on coloured brunettes. This shampoo has a much more stripping feel to the hair so I only use it every second or third wash, but what I love is when I need my hair to be squeaky clean with little to no oil, I go to this shampoo. 

Have you tried products from Lush? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gluten and Dairy Free Pancakes!

I have always loved and enjoyed pancakes. Over the past 6 to 12 months, I've been dabbling in the changes of eating dairy and gluten free and have really loved the process of making food in a much healthier way. Recently I've gone back to eating fairly normal but with still a few things I like to have free from any dairy or gluten, and pancakes is one of them! 

The recipe I want to share is a really basic one, but I have substituted the main ingredients for other products. The pancakes taste seriously incredible as is or with as many topping variations as you wish!

You will need:

1 cup x Gluten Free Plain Flour
2 x Eggs
1 cup x Almond Milk (or any variant milk of choice)
2-3 tbsp x Oil (or dairy free butter if you prefer)


The way I like to do it is by cracking the eggs into a bowl and whisking, then adding the milk to combine. I then gradually add the flour and whisk at the same time to get a smooth consistency. My last step is to add in the oil, or butter if you prefer (having it pre-melted in a pot or bowl first). 

I then pour the mixture in small amounts into a heated pan and cook away!

**Quantity-wise, the measurements above are quite standard so it's up to you with how many pancakes you wish to make and how much mixture you like to pour in the pan at one time.

**A quick tip: the gluten free flour really thickens the mixture, so if you like your pancakes slightly thinner then I would add more milk until you get the consistency you are after.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Let's have a chat: Sanctuary Spa

Hey Guys! I hope you are all well and having a good start to the week. Today I'm going to talk about a brand I truly enjoy using; Sanctuary Spa [Covent garden]. Around a month ago I purchased one of their gift sets that came with a few products as well as a muslin cloth and foot scrubber (that of course I forgot to photograph, woops!). I have tried and tested them all, and I have to tell you... I love the lot! So without further ado, let us get stuck into the review shall we!

- Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser + Muslin Cloth -

This product has truly surprised me. Yes, I have found my favourite face scrub (St. Ives) and my cleansing water (Bioderma), but I never thought I would find a cream cleanser to nourish and 'polish' my skin as well as this product does. It has a wonderfully creamy consistency that really gets into the skin well and gives it a light and hydrating clean. It has a calming scent and washes off easily, using the muslin cloth that was provided in the gift set. It is one of those cleansers when you need a one-step-does-all, a product for hydration and a product for any time of the day or night. To say I am impressed is an understatement!

- Radiance Exfoliator & Illuminating Moisture Lotion SPF 15 -

This exfoliator is perfect for a light scrub. It has a lovely zesty scent, and is in no way harsh or stripping on the skin. The moisture lotion works well as is or underneath make up. It is light, creamy and soaks into the skin quickly, making it perfect for the warmer months.

- Pumice Foot Scrub + Foot Scrubber -

This a foot scrub for when you cannot be bothered giving yourself the full pedicure, but still want to have your feet looking, feeling and smelling pleasant! It has lavender and tea tree oil in it, making it very nourishing to use. I love that it is a scrub and lotion in just the one product, making it very ideal for travel and day-to-day home life. A foot scrubber also came in the gift set, which would be perfect to use with this product!

- Body Scrub & Body Wash -

Both of these products are brilliant for a light and refreshing wash. They both have a really luxurious scent that soaps up well and washes off very easily. The body scrub is a re-purchase for me which is definitely a good sign! The body wash is a first-try and I love them both for my shower collection. They have a versatile scent that I think can be used for any month of the year.

Have any of you tried products by Sanctuary Spa or would like to? Let me know in the comments below and I shall speak to you all next Tuesday!